All about OAKLEY? | Fan Friday 182

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0:20 Are you doing the Holiday Card Exchange?
0:47 Is Shiloh’s Poster for sale yet? (Link Above)
1:04 Can Memphis and Shelby say I Love You?
1:28 My 9 year old Huskies are not active, how can I get my huskies active?
2:16 Did you do the DNA Test for Oakley?
2:40 if all dogs go to heave is there snasages?
2:52 Would you ever come to Edmonton?
3:05 What kind of vacuum do you use?
3:32 Does Memphis miss her kennel now this it’s gone?
5:01 Would you ever consider doing a #Pawdience gathering?
6:54 Did you have other breeds of dogs? and do you know what webkinz are?
7:23 What do I need to prepare for a Husky puppy?
7:38 Why did you start making videos?

Siberian Husky Oakley
Siberian Husky Oakley

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