The Story of Memphis the Siberian Husky

Our newest little cuddle bug! We lost Shiloh on Jan 17, 2013. The weekend after she passed away, we didn’t want to be in our house. There was a Great Lakes Sled Dog Racing Association race being held in Indian River. We decided to drive over to hang out with our Sled dog friends, and enjoy the race. While we were walking the dog yard, there was a red truck with the most beautiful dogs around it! Of course we stopped and petted all the dogs. A Red and White girl stood out so much to me. I just wanted to hug her for hours!

We hung around and watched the races and headed home for the day. The next day we woke up and I asked Jamie to please take me back to the races to see that dog again! Of course he took me back! This time when we walked up to the truck the Mushers were standing near by. We began to talk to them, and found out we actually were already friends on Facebook! They knew all about how we lost our dear Shiloh. I asked them if any of their dogs were for sale, and found out none of them were and most of them were actually Show dogs as well as race dogs! They then told us they did have an upcoming litter planned and that they would put us on the list if we wanted to. Of course, without even thinking, we said yes!

I decided shortly after that, that I would continue to look for a rescue and if we found a rescue before the puppies were born, we would rescue, or maybe do both! I had 3 close calls. One dog was adopted before I could even finish dialing the shelter, one dog they refused to hold for us to make the 4 hour drive to their shelter, and then the last one I thought would be a perfect fit to our family ended up not testing well with other dogs.

On April 4th, I got an email with the announcement we had been waiting for. The puppies were here! Five healthy little cuddle bugs were born! I decided to stop looking for a rescue and start preparing for a puppy. On May 31st, we headed down to pick up our girl.

She was the first puppy to leave the litter! She was so fluffy and small! She rode in my lap all the way home. She helped to heal our home and quickly bring life back “normal” so to say. No dog will ever replace Shiloh, but Memphis sure has filled the hole left behind.

Memphis comes from a family of Champion Bloodline Show Dogs. Her mom Jemma, has won numerous awards in her history, and her Dad, Fizzy, has also won many awards! Her litter mates are also on their way to become Champion Show dogs!

So that is the short version of the story of Memphis. 🙂