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If you are like me, you take a lot (and I mean a lot) of photos on your cell phone. I run so many social sites that surround the dogs of Gone to the Snow Dogs, that I have to take pictures of everything! I post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it! I take photos and short videos all the time! This is becoming very common in the world we live in. What happens when you are constantly photographing and videoing your life on your cell phone? You fill up your memory way to fast! What are you supposed to do with all of those pictures! You can’t just delete them! You might want to look back on them one day! You could take the time to plug your phone into your computer and drag and drop the files, OR you could get a SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick (yes, that says Wireless). Oh but it gets better. This Connect Wireless Stick, doesn’t even have to be plugged in to your computer to work! Seriously! The only time you need to plug it in, is to charge it! On those special days when you know you will be taking a lot of photos, you can just put it in your purse, and if you fill up your phones memory, just open up the App and make more space! I could not believe how simple this little device is to use!

Hmm what's this? Can I eat it?
Hmm what’s this? Can I eat it?

I post across many social sites three to five times per day, but I take photos of my dogs all day long. Cute pose, PHOTO, Sleeping, PHOTO, Dreaming, VIDEO, Eating, PHOTO, well, you get my point. There are so many moments in the lives of our dogs that I don’t’ want to miss! I can’t tell you how often I fill the memory on my computer! Not only that, but we upload to YouTube 6 times a day across two channels. I can film entire videos on my phone, and then easily transfer them to the Connect Wireless Stick, free up some space, and then upload them later!

No thanks Mom, it's not food. . .
No thanks Mom, it’s not food. . .

I am always looking for simple solutions to back up our files, and moving them off my phone and onto the Connect Wireless Stick not only frees up the space on my phone, but it gives me the piece of mind, that if my phone ends up in the dogs mouth, who then decides to chew it to bits . . my photos and videos are safely saved on my Connect Wireless Stick! The app even offers an Atuo-Sync option that can then delete the files off your phone, or leave them there. I know I keep mentioning the phone, but this stick also works with Tablets, iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire, and many more IOS and Android operating systems! I absolutely love it!

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