Cuddle CLONE SHILOH the Siberian Husky

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We finally got our Cuddle Clone of Shiloh!  This is just an amazing piece of artwork.  Now I say artwork, because that really is what this is.  This is 100% custom designed, matched to photos we sent of our Shiloh.  There is not another one out there like it.  It is a beautiful work of art!

I know there are people out there who think $200 is to much to spend on a “stuffed animal,” but let’s talk about that.  How much do people spend on drawings, paintings, portraits, and so on of their pets?  Artwork done by artists that take time, and talent.  This is no different!  And if you subscribe to the Cuddle Clone newsletter, they are constantly having sales!  So you could always save up the money and then wait for sale!  That is our plan for our next one!

We could not be happier!  This is not some tiny little stuffed animal!  I didn’t even realize how big these are!  They are high quality!  I took quite a few photos so you can see a bit more of the clone.

Cuddle Clone Shiloh Cuddle Clone Shiloh Cuddle Clone Shiloh Cuddle Clone Shiloh Cuddle Clone Shiloh

As you can see, they even got the pink spots on her nose, and the bits of brown by he back legs!  Again, we could not be any happier!

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