Dogs and a Christmas Tree? | Fan Friday 180

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0:05 How do I get my dog used to a Christmas Tree? How do I stop a puppy from attacking a Christmas Tree? Dogs and Christmas Trees!
3:40 What do you guys do for Thanksgiving? What do the dogs do for Thanksgiving?
4:58 Are you going to make Posters of all the dogs?
7:16 Do Pig Ears Splinter?
7:28 My puppy keeps chewing on things, what can I do to stop them?
7:48 Can your dogs balance a treat on their nose?
8:07 Which one of the dogs birthday is coming up next?
8:30 My puppy keeps peeing in the house! What can I do?
8:44 Should my dog be an inside or an outside dog?
9:07 If I get a sandbox for my dog, how big should it be?
9:25 Can you train a husky not to run threw an electric fence once they figure out it’s possible?

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