Should I get ANOTHER Husky? FAN FRIDAY 152

It’s time for another Fan Friday! ┬áHere are the questions we answer in this episode:

My husky paces at night, any suggestions to help her stop?
I already have one husky, Should I get another one?
Do you ever bathe your dogs yourself? Or do you always take them to the groomer?
What type of sled do you get for racing?
Where can I buy a dog sled?
How old was Memphis when she got tips?
Any tips for a first time husky owner?
How do you pick just one intro for Fan Friday?
When your dogs come in dirty from outside, what do you do?
Is Memphis still afraid of the basement?
How long do you let your girls stay outside?
Why is Oakley so cute?
Would you ever get a Saint Bernard?
What is the Husky Harlem Shake Video?
Which one of the dogs is in the Fan Friday Intro?
How high can Memphis jump?

We hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of Fan Friday!

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