Help Potty Training a Puppy? Fan Friday 155

Crate Training:
Potty Training:
Tick Remover!

Welcome to this weeks #FanFriday ! We always get such amazing questions. ¬†Posted above are links to some of our training videos to help you out when learning how to crate train and potty train your new puppy! ¬†Below is a list of the other questions we answered in today’s video!
Are Huskies worth getting?
Do you have tips for Potty Training a puppy?
How do you get a husky puppy to stop excited peeing?
Is Memphis going to be doing agility?
Do Huskies take up a lot of space?
How can I tell if my dog is being aggressive?
Do you know how to remove ticks?
Should I get another dog to tire out my dog?
When are you coming to Holland Michigan?
Have you ever been camping west of Lake Michigan?
Are Huskies high maintenance and hard to care for?
Hold old should a husky puppy be before you take them hiking?
How did you get your website?
Whose birthday is coming up next?
How do you get your dogs to not be mean to other dogs?

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