Huskies and Kids? Destructive Puppies? Fan Friday 151

It’s time once again for Fan Friday!  I know I am posting it a bit late to the website, but we were out of town this weekend!  So things were a little crazy!  Here are all of the questions we answered in this weeks video!
What do you think is the best age for kids to get a dog?
Is it normal for a Husky to chase it’s tail and pull the fur off the tip of his tail?
Did you know anything about huskies when you got Shiloh?
If you want to get a husky, how big should your yard or garden be?
How long did it take for Oakley to trust you?
Does Oakley have any quirks or issues that came up after she came to live with you?
Was Oakley named Oakley when you adopted her? Or did you change it?
What is your opinion on huskies as service dogs?
What color is Shelby?
My husky puppy is scared of everything, what can I do?
How did you get your huskies to stop eating everything?
Can a Husky get along with cats?
Why is Oakley’s kennel in front of your front door?
My dog bolts out the front door, what do I do?
How long before a dog can have run of the house?
How do you help one dog get used to another dog?

Thanks for watching!  Aroooooo

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