Flavorite Dog Chews Packed full of FLAVOR

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How many of you have dogs that LOVE to chew?  Now how many of you have dogs that get bored with normal chew toys, or worse, don’t even have interest in them?  I have both.  Memphis and Oakley tend to get bored very quickly with the majority of chew toys, and Shelby (her #Diva self), usually could care less about any chew toy we give her.  That is part of the reason I was so excited to find the Flavorit Chews!

Flavorit Chews are different then many other brands of chews we have tried.  They have these little cells in them that you can fill with different spreadable foods to entice your dogs to chew on them.  The chews themselves are flavor infused, and they come in a variety of flavors.  When I opened up the packaged, before I could even put anything on the chews, all 3 of our dogs wanted them!  So I was impressed as soon as we opened them!

Flavorit Dog Chews
Hey Mom, what are these? They smell amazing!

I let the dogs play with them without filling the cells at first, and they really were enjoying them.  Then I took them away and filled them with peanut butter.  Now the cells in the chews are actually concave into the chews.  So even if you end up having a bit of peanut butter left around the cells, your carpet will still stay clean when they flip them over. You really don’t need a lot of spreadable treat to fill up these chews.  After filling them I gave them back to the girls and they just went to town.  Between licking and chewing and tossing them, I could tell that they really enjoyed them.  Not only were they chewing, which is great for their teeth, they were trying to figure out how to get the peanut butter out, so they were also getting great mental stimulation as well!

Flavorit dog Chews
Oh my goodness. . Mom this is SO good!

Now after filling these with peanut butter, my next thought was, how am I going to clean them up?  Thankfully, they are dishwasher safe!  So once your dogs are done trying to get every last drop of food out of the cells, you can just put them in your dishwasher to clean them up and have them ready to use again!  Oh, and you can use more then just Peanut Butter!  Any type of spreadable food will work such as cream cheese, greek yogurt, or create something of  your own!  Mix a bit of cream cheese, peanut butter, and a bit of unsweetened applesauce for a special treat!  Or try some mashed banana or mashed sweet potato!  As long as you get it to a nice spreadable consistency, you can fill those cells, and drive your dogs crazy!

If you want to order some Flavorit Dog Chews for your dogs you can do so here https://fbit.co/1quH and use the code Flavorit20 for 20%OFF and free shipping!

Flavorit Dog Chews
This is so good! I am going to chew on this for hours!

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