Floating Ice on the Bay!

It’s Vlog time!  Remember a few weeks ago, when we were complaining about our renters that were moving out?  Well, when they moved out, there was quite a bit of snow and ice still on the ground.  Now that all of that has melted, we have found out that they destroyed our yard. They had a dog and apparently, they just let it rip up the yard.  Mind you, we owned two dogs when we lived there, and the yard NEVER looked like that. I will say I will say it again, it’s all about respect.  If that is the way these people are going to treat their home, because it may be “just a rental” but it’s still their home when they are there, can you imagine how they treat their child, or each other?  Respect!!!

So after cleaning up their dogs mess, and being upset that the yard is going to cost us quite a bit of money to repair, I wanted to go check out the ice in the bay.  When we headed out to Blair street pier, there was no wind.  The lake was so calm, and within minutes the wind picked right up, and the ice started to shift and move, and we got cold!  So we headed home for a bit.

To make a great end to a not so great start of the day, we headed out to get Dairy Queen for dinner!  It was cold, and rainy, but it still made a great end to a not so great day!

Floating Ice
Ice breaking up on Thunder Bay on Lake Huron

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