HUSKIES GO DOG SLEDDING | Oakley can Pull the Sled

We finally have a good amount of snow, and a great trail base, and we were able to take our dogs our dog sledding!  Huskies love to pull sleds (as you can tell by the video).  We also wanted to talk just a little bit, about dog sledding, how to teach your dogs basic dog sledding commands, and just a bit about our dogs while they are out on the trail.  We did not run them very far, about 1 mile total.  Yes, Oakley can still pull a sled.  Some of you may be wondering why we had her out there, and the answer is simple.  We tried to leave her at home, thinking she probably didn’t even want to pull a sled anymore, and she flipped out. She was so upset we had to take her.  At first we thought we would just have her out there with us, but when the other to dogs got their dog sledding harnesses on and we didn’t put one on Oakley, she stressed out.  She was so upset, so we put hers on as well.  As soon as we lifted that claw hook, all three huskies took off!  Oakley was so happy to be out there.  I think she would have pulled further if we wouldn’t have stopped her, but we didn’t want her to over do it!  We hope you enjoyed this Dog Sledding video, and hopefully the snow sticks around so we can do a few more of these!  To see even more fun with our Snow Dogs, check out 

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