Husky Puppy eats a BUG! ***GIVEAWAY***

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It was such a beautiful spring day, we decided to take a video outside!  At first I just wanted to get some fun footage of the girls playing outside, but it turned into something different.  While playing with them I decided I wanted to do the T-Shirt giveaway, and then Memphis decided to eat a bug, so this is what we got!  Sometimes I plan videos and have a great idea in my head, and sometimes. . . those ideas get turned completely upside down by the dogs.  My girls are not “trained actresses”.  They are just happy dogs!  And even if I do have this great plan, the girls either figure out what I am trying to do, or they don’t! It’s part of the perks of making videos with your dogs!  I think the best part is, what you see and what we video is real.  Our dogs aren’t taught to do a lot of things on command.  So you see the REAL them!  And I think that is why I like doing these videos so much!  We truely are sharing their lives with the world.  🙂  Thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing!  Don’t forget to get entered into the giveaway!  Stay positive, dream big!  See you soon!

Memphis Eats Bug
Memphis found a bug, and decided to EAT it!

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