How to prepare for Camping with your Dog

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Camping is a wonderful activity you can do with your dogs!  It brings all the best things about owning a dog into one great activity!  Cuddling at night to stay warm, riding in the car, hiking in the woods, swimming in the lakes, exploring nature, what more could you ask for!

Before you grab you dog and tent and head out the door, there are a few things you should have prepared for taking your best friend camping with you. The video above lists the things we try to remember to bring when we go camping!

The most important thing, is a collar and dog tags!  if your dog gets away from you while camping, you need to have identification on your dog.  Micro-chipping is also a wonderful idea.  If your dogs collar snags and breaks, that means the dog tags are gone too.  Micro-chipping is a backup method of identifying your dogs!

Our Girls camping
This was our campsite setup when we took the dogs to Drummond Island

Then there are all the basics you need to be sure to have, such as the following:

  • Leashes
  • Dog Food and Bowls
  • Water and Bowls
  • Dog Treats
  • A few toys
  • Kong toys and Peanut Butter
  • A backpack for the dog
  • Picket Line or Tie Out

We go into more detail on what to bring in the video above.  You also want to check and make sure the campsites you are going to are pet friendly!  Many state and local campgrounds are more then happy to accommodate your pets. Some of them have certain pet friendly areas.  Be sure to check before you head out to make sure your pets are welcome, and make sure to be responsible and follow the rules at the park.  Most rustic campsites have less rules in place, and will allow pets.  Remember to always keep your pet safe on a leash!  There are a lot of strange people and new smells and your pet might get excited and want to wander off!  So to keep them safe, keep them on a leash!

We hope you enjoy your camping trip with your pets!  Stay safe out there!

Oakley at the campground

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