DOG FIGHT or Play | Fan Friday 181

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0:58 Are you going to be doing agility with Memphis?
1:32 Do you believe in the Pit Bull Stereotypes?
2:02 How to prepare for a husky puppy? and How to introduce them to our other dogs?
2:57 How can you tell if your dogs are fighting or if they are playing?
4:02 What are the pros and cons to owning Saint Bernards? And why did you not follow in your parents footsteps and get St. Bernards?
5:15 Are the size antlers you give your dogs the right size for a medium sized dog?
6:25 Can you own a Husky even if you don’t have a fenced in yard?
6:45 How do you take something from your dog that they are not supposed to have?
6:51 How old do you think Oakley was when you got her?
7:01 What kind of computer do you use while editing your videos?
7:08 Do the dogs act differently when you are videoing?
7:13 How long have you and Jamie owned the Deli?
7:25 What do your dogs do when it’s raining and they want to go outside?

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Dog Fight
Are they fighting or playing?

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