Gemstones! EGG WARS! Easter with the family!

Well I hope you all had a very Happy Easter!  We spent the day at my parents!  They just came back from vacation and they brought back a bucket of dirt for us to go through to find gemstones!  That was so much fun!  Our entire family seems to be rock hounds!  My parents also bought a geode to crack open!

So we sat our side in the sprinkling rain on Easter Day and sifted through 20 pounds of red dirt to find all kinds of fun stones.  The one I reference in the video and call the dark crystal is one that my mom told me to keep.  So of course, I did!

At dinner we had our traditional Egg Wars!  Do any of you do egg wars at Easter?  I swear my Mom always wins!  The food was great, the company was amazing, and a good time was had by all!

After dinner, my Mom and Dad wanted to head to my grandparent’s grave site.  That gave me an idea.  We wanted to take them to the Mystery Falls Sinkhole.  It is one of the few places up here that they haven’t seen!  So we headed out down the back roads to the secret hidden gem in the woods.  It’s such an amazing area!  I wish the county would have made it into a park like the owner had wanted!  Maybe someday, his dream will come true.

Thanks for watching, and reading!

A Geode my parents cracked open

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