Why NOT to SHAVE a Husky | Fan Friday 158

Thank you to http:///www.YouTube.com/TeraBrite
Mitten Crate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0j_MMXQxQ8
Why does Oakley get afraid when someone tries to pet her?
How old was Shiloh when you got her?
What’s Memphis’s full name?
When you got Memphis were you scared the other dogs wouldn’t like her?
What is your vet routine for the girls?
What are you thoughts on Pet Insurance?
Would you ever consider using a mobile pet groomer?
What would be the correct routine for bathing and grooming an outside dog?
Do you save everything you film?
Do you answer Fan Friday questions from messages?
What is the furthest the dogs have ever vacationed from home?
What is the harm in shaving a Husky?
Why shouldn’t I shave my husky?
How do you keep your dogs under control?

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