How much does your Dog POOP | Fan Friday 183
0:18 How often do your dogs Poop in a day?
0:31 When do huskies stop changing color?
2:07 What do you do to get through to a stubborn dog?
2:54 What do you use to protect your dogs paws?
3:36 Are huskies okay as only dogs?
3:58 Will you ever have a male husky so you can breed your dogs?
4:25 Do you think it’s a good idea to let your husky have puppies at least one time?
4:53 How many Christmas Cards have you gotten so far?
6:30 My huskies keeps coughing, what can I do?
6:48 How do you pick your Fan Friday questions?
7:25 Are you going to do a Christmas Themed Video this year?
8:13 What does Christmas mean to you?
8:33 Can you make Shelby Howl?

Fan Friday is that day of the week when we answer real questions, from real fans!

How Much do your Dogs Poop
Oakley says “who me? I don’t poop to much” heheh

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