Husky CRASHES into Mercedes!

Husky Crashes car! - Picture: Galina Baranova
Husky Crashes car! – Picture: Galina Baranova

A Siberian Husky puppy that was left in a car, decided to go for a joyride and crashed into quite a few cars in a parking lot.  According to report we have read, the car was not running.  The owner had left the puppy to run into a parts store near by. As many Husky owners know, Huskies get bored easily, and Husky puppies almost always seem to be bored if you are not moving.

Less then minutes after his owner was out of sight, the husky puppy named Lada, went crazy inside of the car.  Somehow the pup managed to start the car! The car was parked on a hill, which apparently helped to get it moving.  Onlookers said the pup even had it’s paws on the steering wheel and was turning the car in circles, which is what caused him to hit so many cars.

The Puppy was unharmed in the incident!  Just let this be a reminder to any Husky owner; just because you think your dog is safe in the car for a moment, Huskies are extremely smart.  They might just start your car and go for a joyride!

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