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Thanks to the people from Dropcam we are giving away a Dropcam!  This is an awesome camera that we have already fallen in love with.  When we got our camera, we followed the instructions, hooked it up to our computer, connected it to our WiFi, and tada!  The camera is now working.  Basically you plug it in anywhere in your home, and as long as it can connect to the WiFi you will be able to see what is going on.  You can view the camera by going to the Dropcam website, or by downloading their app on your phone!

This isn’t just a camera to show you what goes on when you are not home.  You can also interact with your pets!  That’s right!  This camera has a speaker in it.  You can click a button and talk to your app and your pets will be able to hear you! You can also hear them! This is an awesome feature if you have a pet with separation anxiety, or a puppy that is just learning how to be home alone!

This camera is also equipped with night vision!  So you can see what it going on while everyone is sleeping!  But don’t think this camera is only for viewing your pets!  You can also use this as a security camera for your home!  You can set it up to notify you of noise, or movement!  And with more then one camera you can view more then one room at a time and switch from camera to camera.

We hope you enjoyed the video!  Good luck with the contest!

Dropcam Giveaway
Shelby posing by the Dropcam that we are giving away!

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